Some shows (HD only) not getting flagged in Guide as New

In the FIOS Guide, many shows are correctly flagged as "First Run" on the regular display channels, but not flagged as "First Run" on the exact same HD-version channel. 

For example in the guide, bring up Thursday, Sept 26th at 8pm. 

Channel 4 shows that a new episode of "Parks and Recreation" will air (its the 1-hour season premiere)

Channel 504 (HD) also shows "Parks and Recreation" in the same timeslot, but its not flagged as "First Run" and thus the series manager doesn't schedule it to record.  But both are showing the same episode then. 

Some channels are ok - e.g. Channel 2 and 502 both show a new episode of "Big Bang Theory" airing at 8pm. 

I have several other examples of this.  Therefore to set up recording  the new season of TV shows, I either have to schedule the non-HD airing, or schedule all HD airings including repeats. 

Any way to update the guide ?

Thank you.