Splitting Fios TV coax cable

Hello.  We recently got FIOS installed (both internet and TV) a few weeks ago. 

The current situation is like this. 

Current setup:  desktop box for tv in living room (2 coax cables) and fios internet router in bedroom (only 1 coax cable). 

What we want to achieve is to add an additional TV to our bedroom.  However, we only have 1 coax available and that is going into the router.  How would I achieve getting a FIOS TV signal into our bedroom, in addition to the one that already exists in theh living room?  I ordered a splitter from Verizon, but they said I couldn't just put the splitter on the coax going into the router.  I'm a bit confused.

I guess my questions are:

1)  How would I go about installing this splitter?  and what are the steps I'd need to take?  They mentioned need to track the cable back to the ONT.

2)  There are actually 2 coax cables that were installed in my living room (where the TV is).  I think because I told the technician originall that I was thinking of putting an internet connection there as well - in addition to the one in the bedroom.

      • (Some what unrelated to the original question) In order to get an internet connection from the free coax in the living room, I would probably need some sort of coax to cat5 converter correct?
      • The free coax cable that I have, does that have a duplicate signal that is being used into the desktop box?  So, what I'm implying is that if I have a second TV that is connect to that coax, it should work?  In this scenario, I would run a looong, coax cable from my living room to the bedroom. 

Thanks in advance.

Re: Splitting Fios TV coax cable
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Make sure you get a bidirectional splitter. You can split any live coax .. it may not be optimal but it'll still work.

Ignoring the extra coax leg in your living room, should look something like this..