Subscriber Error Message
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Several times in the past few months various channels have just stopped working (and then come back on by themselves hours later). I get an error message saying the records show we are not subscribed to this channel. (Same message every time) Of course, we are subscribed to the channel. It generally happens on basic cable channels like Bravo, AMC, USA, etc.

When it first started happening we tried the trouble shooting recommended on screen, including re-setting the STB. Then we called phone support. The crack team at phone support said it was a problem with the box and sent a replacement. However, the same thing happens in the replacement box they sent. (And by the way, someone needs to tell the phone team that crack and support do not mix :))

What causes this, is there a way to stop it? Last questions today, I promise.

Re: Subscriber Error Message

Do you have multiple STBs and or DVRs? If it is happening on one and not the others, I could say check and be sure there are no coax cable issues to the STB. If you do not get a good Internet channel guide signal to the STB, this could happen with a poor coax connection or bad splitter. It could also indicate a router issue if the STB is not getting a consistant connection. But if it is only one out of multiple boxes, I would say the router is not likely the cause. Check the coax connections for bad connectors or signal loss.