Such thing as a HD digital adapter?
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Does VZ offer a HD digital adapter? I do not need all the features of the set-top box for my bedroom HDTV, I just want to watch TV and would like to be able to see the channels I pay for. If they don't currently offer such a thing, is one in the works?

If they can offer a SD digital adapter, it seems that they could offer this if they wanted.

If not, is there a device other than a TiVo that can act as a digital tuner with a cable card?

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Re: Such thing as a HD digital adapter?
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There is not one currentlly available

Motorolla makes all that stuff for verizon, and I am sure there probably will be one in the future....

Re: Such thing as a HD digital adapter?
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Verizon only currently offers the dct 700 which is standard only. We do not currently offer a HD digital Converter
Re: Such thing as a HD digital adapter?
Only HD option other than Tivo is if your TV is Digital Cable Ready and can take a cable card. That should give the same results. Yes it really would be nice if there were a third party HD digital adaptor that would take a cable card. I have not found one. I don't think we will. It would cut down on the manufacture of the $10.95 a month boxes. No benefit for anyone to make one, when they can sell the bigger and better product to the cable companies.