Sylvania LC320SSX TV with Verizon Phillips Remote will not work

My girlfriends parents recently bought a Sylvania LC320SSX tv and we were unable to get the phillips remote control to work with the TV.  We tried all of these codes per the Verizon tech that was on the line with us:

0057 0081 0198 0205 3005 3006 3018 3042 3082 3095 3099 3105 3139 3161 3186 3192 3196 3210 3218 3221 3229 3235 3236 3237 3245 3246

And, we also went though the "922 Option" where the remote searches through all known codes roughly about 300 of them and was not able to find anyone that would work.  I confirmed with the Tech on the phone that I was hitting all the buttons correctly and that there just was not any code out there that worked with this TV currently.

We also called Sylvania and they said that they do not handle codes and that Verizon does this.  They did say that someone got it to work but the tech did not know the code.  So there is one out there.

Please tell me that there are some new ones that have just come out.  All he wants the Verizon remote to do is to turn on and off the tv and to control the volume. 

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Re: Sylvania LC320SSX TV with Verizon Phillips Remote will not work
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Same thing is happening with my Sylvania LC225SSX, bought in July 2009. It seems to be more of a budget model, with simplified instructions and menus geared towards the DTV transition. I tried all of the codes for Sylvania and Funai (the manufacturer), but nothing worked. I also tried the 922 option and none of the codes worked (although it did turn on my DVD player in the process). I did an online chat with a rep and he said that Sylvania must have changed their codes for this newer TV and that the FiOS remote (the newest one, which I have) would not work with it.