Re: TCM not in HD?
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Finally! I just noticed this today when I tuned to 230 and it jumped to 730, it’s about time.

Re: TCM (Turner Class Movies) in HD (High Definition)
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I initially wrote that I had been told that TCM was not available because it was no longer part of my package and that I needed to upgrade at a cost of almost $50 more. I refused to pay that much more and it appeared that I was going to cancel my Verizon service and seek other options. I called back in the evening and was told that it was not available due to an outage problem and that a ticket had been created and it would be up by 10:15 last night. That never happened.

Finally today I got a wonderful person to look into this problem through the chat online and they thoroughly looked into the issue and finally explained to me that the HD transformation was in process and it would not go into effect until September 15 on the new channel 730. She also helped me with my current plan and helped me upgrade and revise it at very little extra cost. Kudos and thanks to Verizon employee Scarlet. She went above and beyond with outstanding customer service!