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I watch several broadcast and cable stations on VOD. On most stations, when you select a particular show, it shows the episodes available either in date order or in episode number order.

However, TNT's listings are by alphabetical order of the episode titles.  I don't  know the names of episodes, but I usually know the date they were first aired or can tell by the episode number.  I do know that when a new episode is posted it says "new", however, I don't always watch the episodes right after they are posted.  I usually catch up on a couple of episodes at a time.

Is this how TNT sends their shows to Verizon?  It makes no sense to me.  I find it a little annoying trying to figure out which are the episodes I haven't seen.  This must be a recent change, because during the last season of both The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles, they were listed by episode number.  It seems to have changed when the new seasons of both shows started in July.

I can understand if Verizon has not control over this-but if Verizon does, can it please be fixed?

Thank you

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Hello oreo,

Thank you for your posting. We can verify the format for these types of entries. I sent you a private message to collect more information.

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Re: TNT On Demand Listings
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