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TV keeps cutting out for anywhere from 2 - 20 seconds

My TV service cuts out arbitrarily (screen goes blank) for anywhere from 2 to 20 seconds. Tends to happen more often and more frequently in the evenings.  It is occurring both on my HD-DVR box as well as my standard STB.  All the boxes are Motorola.  Any ideas.  This started about 6 weeks ago and is getting really annoying. 

Re: TV keeps cutting out for anywhere from 2 - 20 seconds

that is usually an HDMI issue, so that is either coming from the TV, the Cable itself or the Box. 

you can try resetting the box first, and see if it goes away.   

Menu > Customer Support > in home agent > reboot STB. 

If that doesn't work, you can try power cycling your TV,  just unplug the TV for a few minutes, and then plug the TV back in,   see if it goes away. re 

And you can try reseating the cable (oddly this works)   just unplug the cable at both ends, plug em back in.   Or try switching the port on the back of your tv (the set top box only has one HDMI your TV may have several to plug into)  

And you can try changing the cable itself.     

If all that doesn't work, then then call into customer service and see if they have any tricks up their sleeves,  they sometimes have special reset commands that are a little stronger than simply resetting the box.   they may have to replace it if all else fails.  

if you plug in a different cable like Component it will probably go away, and you will preserve the High Definition Picture quality.

Re: TV keeps cutting out for anywhere from 2 - 20 seconds
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I have a similiar issue. A few weeks ago my New LG, OLED smart tv would be on but would lose the picture for 1-2 seconds every 20 - 30 minutes. I finally solved the problem by unplugging STB and TV. Then turned off the router and recycled the ONT. Turned the router back on ... waited a few minutes until stable then re-pluged in the STB and TV=success. Today, 0715 EST (not estimated) 02252019,  the same thing happened. However, the TV picture was out and in at about a 1 -2 second rate. Same process = success. Both times Verizon had some sort of issue because "Initial download in progress, it takes a couple of minutes" screen was active. Then the tv cycling issue occurs . Can play mp4 video on usb stick to tv without issue. It's them = (Verizon). It reminds me of Comcast ... you need blah, blah, blah ... no it's not me its you (suck) = Verizon, Comcast or whatever!  If you'll want 'real' issues, go to Comcast -memories.

Tip use Notepad to record just in case...

Re: TV keeps cutting out for anywhere from 2 - 20 seconds
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Community Manager

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