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The Weather Channel
Enthusiast - Level 2

I hate come customers did not have a choice or a vote to keep The Weather Channel???? AccuWeather stinks, there are no REAL stories nor do the show any weather people out in the field......this is the worst, I watch the weather channel everyday. I might just think about changing my service to someone who has The Weather Channel!!! I hate this.....ugh !

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Re: The Weather Channel
Super User
Super User

Accuweather has been around much longer than TWC.
They continue toprovide weather forecasts to radio and tv stations around the country.

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I want The Weather Channel back
Enthusiast - Level 1

I subscribed to FiOS TV partly because it had The Weather Channel.  If it didn't have TWC I would not have subscribed.

Now Verizon tells us that they are dropping TWC, and gives some corporate-speak malarkey for an explanation.  This was done secretly, with no notice.

Now I have a TV service, with a two-year contract, that is pretty much worthless to me.

Unless this gets settled real quickly, I will be canceling my FiOS services.  I expect to be able to do so without a penalty, since they are no longer providing what they promised.  I'm sure that somewhere in some fine print they have given themselves the right to do whatever they want.

There are also lots of avenues for complaints against Verizon, such as the PSC and the local franchise grantor (usually your local government).  I'll be complaining about this everywhere I can.  If you are unhappy about the loss of TWC, I hope you do so as well.


Re: I want The Weather Channel back
Enthusiast - Level 1

Couldn't agree more...I continually turn to the weather channel for weather related news and programming.  If it's not back on soon, I WILL be moving on.

Re: I want The Weather Channel back
Enthusiast - Level 2

The Weather Channel is very important to me.  The accuweather substitution is terrible.  If the Weather Channel is not brought back, I will be leaving FIOS.

Re: The Weather Channel
Enthusiast - Level 2

my contract ends in MAy and I am going to switch out to another provider.  this is the last straw!

my box did not work correctly and they wanted to charge me for a tech to come out.

i wanted to drop my phone from my triple play and if i do, it will cost me $10 less a month which is **bleep**.  If you get internet or tv separate and add those items up, it costs $60 less than my triple play.  why dont they offer a double bundle?

goodbye Verizon after 7 years together. 

Re: The Weather Channel
Enthusiast - Level 1

Are you kidding me... I purposly seeked out and have stayed with this service provider for the Weather Channel.  Seriously, I am leaving this service, if we cannot keep the weather channel.  Just renew the contract.  

You cant tell me that with over a $200 bill per month, on aver. per subscirber, Verizon cant affort this.  

Please make sure you do the right thing and ensure The Weather Channel stays on..

Thank you 

Bring WeatherScan Back!
Enthusiast - Level 1

AccuWeather is useless--so far it's shown the hourly forecast for every city and region in the country except ours! I don't see an option for setting it to our zip code like you can do on Dish TV. Plus the volume's not working. We can't hear a thing the forecaster's saying.  

We usually watch WeatherScan at least twice a day. Not everyone has a cell phone with app technology, so that's not an option for all of us. Please bring back WeatherScan or something that shows the LOCAL weather forecast and radar. We pay a lot of money for FIOS TV and are NOT happy about this change. I hope you're listening, Verizon!

Re: The Weather Channel
Enthusiast - Level 1

I am VERY unhappy with the choice of ACCUweather over the weather channel. Fios lately has become worse and worse with their choices and I am now searching elsewhere for service. This is ridiculous--accuweather is a joke..sub par at best! Verizon ask your consumers what they want! 

Re: I want The Weather Channel back
Enthusiast - Level 2
Bring back the weather channell! you've got to be kidding. There's much more than weather there. I miss Sam Champion, Al Roker, and the rest of the personalities.
**bleep**?!??! Where is the Weather Channel?!??!
Enthusiast - Level 2

I pay close to $300 a month and I was about to jump to the 150/150 plan from the 75/75. My wife has several channels she watches and DVRs, all of which are available via a MULTITUDE of providers. I have a handful of shows I DVR...ALL of which are on the Weather Channel. I don't watch the weather channel for the weather, I go to channel 49 for that...oh wait, the **bleep** at Verizon have cancelled that channel as well. And I'll bet I'm getting ZERO credit on my account for the MAIN channels I watch being cancelled. I would like to know what research FIOS did to confirm these channels should be cancelled. Show me the lack of interest in these channels. I KNOW Verizon monitors the shows that are DVR'd...I have friends with Verizon, they DO track who DVRs what.

I know SOOOOO many people who watch Weather Channel shows...I'm not talking about current weather-based shows, I'm talking about the educational and entertaining shows aired on TWC. Highway through Hell, coast guard alaska, weather caught on camera, extreme weather, prospectors, the wife watches Wake up with Al, strangest weather on earth, tornado alley, secrets of earth, raging nature, etc. And now TWC has NEW shows that I was REALLY looking forward to watching...and LEARNING...why planes crash, fat guys in the woods, the list goes on and on. As a science buff, these shows are GREAT at teaching my family about weather and wife comments how she learns something new every time we watch one of these shows. These shows have something that EVERYONE in my family enjoys. My teenager loves the adrenaline rush of it, the wife learns something about weather that she didn't know and this gives me SOMETHING on TV that holds my interest....thanks for taking that away Verizon. This will help me make the decision to cut the wire...I'll just go to comcast for the line to the Internet and be done. My contract agreement INCLUDES TWC.

Once again, Verizon couldn't care less about its customers and their desires....not sure about other customers but "I" wasn't asked about removing it. Then again, as I said, I know for a fact they monitor what is being DVR'd...they probably avoided me at all cost, KNOWING what my response would be.

**bleep** Verizon?!??! As I say to my KID, an IMMATURE person once in a while...**bleep** is WRONG WITH YOU?!?! WHAT are you thinking?!?! So, I guess one should equate this move to an IMMATURE corporate decision.

Finally, I will tell you now, IF you come back later and tell me TWC is now part of some "package" that you are going to charge me extra for...