VOD Menu and SD Channels being cut off

Could anyone tell me why my VOD menu is being cut off on the left and the right sides?  It is almost like the STB is set to stretch mode for SD but my TV is set to 3:4, but that is not the case.  I have both set to stretch mode.  This is really annoying when trying to look for VOD programming because I can't see what I am scrolling through.

I had this issue at or old house with a different STB.  When the tech did the install at the new place, I made sure that it was working correctly.  I asked the tech why I had problems before and he said it was probably a bad STB.  I already had to send one STB back after the move (bad HD, DVR wouldn't work) and really don't want to go through that hassle again.  I've messed with both the STB and TV SD settings in every possible combination and have power cycled the STB several times.  Any ideas?