VOD Searches and "More Like This"

About a couple of weeks ago I finished watching "Rachel's Getting Married" and VOD put me back to the screen where you can play again, see info, or a newer feather "More Like This". So I picked More Like This and it showed Julia and Me, and said it was free. I have my box setup so you need to enter a code to watch pay movies on demand because I have kids. It didn't prompt me for a code and had the green "Free" symbol, but this is the only place I've seen it for free. I watched it, so we'll see if they charge me for it.

Today I was browsing through VOD for my subscriptions, and did a More Like This for a movie and "The Gift" came up. When I search either from the VOD or regular listing menus, this movie doesn't come up either by searching on the movie name or by actors Cate Blanchette or Keanu Reeves. Very wierd.  I bookmarked it otherwise I would never have found it again.

Has anyone else found the "More Like This" and the search functions in VOD to be flaky?