Verizon FIOS and MSG HD - WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just turned on the Rangers game on the same old usual standard definition channel.  To my surprise I see a little pop up which says to press C to watch this channel in HD.  What???  I press C and I go from channel 78 to channel 578.....MSG HD!!!!!!!  Woot!  Woot!  I am now watching my Rangers play the Devils in HD!!!!!!  I don't even care that they are down 1-0......losing never looked so good!

I just went over to the Cablevision / Optimum website to log in to their forums to taunt them, but unfortunately they have no forums I could find.  So glad I don't have to watch that idiotic commercial with that Cablevision dork taunting us about not having Rangers and the Knicks in HD.  Now we do, so go drown yourself in Optimum tears.

HAHAHAHAHAHA.....FIOS and MSG HD    Oh yeah BABY!!!!!

Update - Rangers win HD!!!!!

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YOU win, because you're a Rangers fan and your games are always on MSG. Us Islanders fans (I know, I know) still lose because we're always relegated to MSG2 or MSG2+ and their HD versions have yet to be turned on.

Someone in an earlier post said they wouldn't be turning these on until next year because they might not have the bandwidth and channel assignment. Sounds crazy to me, since they had the channel numbers reserved and knew for a long time they would win this battle with the Dolans.

Oh, well... the wait continues...

Re: Verizon FIOS and MSG HD - WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It is sickening to see how much money the Dolan's make each year.  Its one of the reasons I don't like cablevision.

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The Rangers will be on MSG2 soon enough. Anytime the Knicks are on, I noticed that the Rangers are bumped.Smiley Mad

I think the space for MSG and MSG+ has been reserved for a long time, but MSG2 and MSG+2 being available in HD is fairly new. I've seen grumblings from Time Warner customers that they still don't have them (and will probably lose all the MSG channels soon anyway because of a contract dispute). I think even Cablevision started showing the overflows in HD only last year. In any case, Verizon will get the other feeds up and running, and it won't matter how far down the Cablevision chain each team is, all the games will be in HD. Since Verizon said that they plan on adding the HD overflows in 2012, you can be assured it's in their carriage agreement that they'll have them.

Congrats guys on finally getting your teams in HD! Smiley Wink