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When is Verizon going to update their technology?

Has anyone else noticed that Verizon hasnt updated their technology to match either Dish or Direct TV?  I dont know about you but 500gb DVR is not getting the job done for me anymore not with HD recordings a couple of sports events and its filled.  With most people not watching live TV anymore and choosing to record everything to skip commercials and long intros plus end of commercial updates these days my DVR is straining to stay under 100% capacity.  I have used DISH's new Hopper system and love it recording 8 different channels in prime time is real effective because with only two tuners in the FIOS system I often have to make a decision what to watch and what to get off the internet.  In these days the technology exists so that I dont have to download content from the internet I should be able to get it right off my DVR.  One solution would be to store all primetime shows in the video on demand so it would not have to be recorded through the DVR this would save Verizon a ton of money having to update all the DVRs to newer technology.  


  When Verizon went to a system that required users to buy their own Hard Drives to increase storage size I knew right away that would fail, shifting the cost from Verizon to the home user was a very poor excuse for not wanting to spend the money to update the equipment.  I dont know why verizon doesnt use the internet for storage and live updates of its scheduling, Verizon has always had a problem with its TV guide system not being up to date especially with live programming many times the end of the game is lost because it ran too long for the DVR guide system to handle.  Of course the fix is to just record the next show right after the game so you get the overtime or overage but this is a poor way of handling it when its not necessary.  Wake up Verizon or watch the competition eat you up!

Re: When is Verizon going to update their technology?
Master - Level 2

I dont know about Directv, but DIsh's DVR give you much less space then stated because much of it is reserved for their use.

Still Verizon has been showing some new technology planned for the next models, but full specs or time frames are not nailed down.

Re: When is Verizon going to update their technology?

Verizon Home Media Server. 

Hopefully this comes sooner rather than later  :]