Re: Where to buy a lead-acid back-up battery for Verizon Fios BBU?
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thanks for reassurance.

I called for the 3rd time last night (was on hold for 45 minutes!).  They agreed and said that since there is a 1-year warranty, they would send me another battery.  I guess I have to figure out how to install it myself - shouldn't be too tough I suppose.

Nonetheless, I got real lucky.  I had been hearing that beep for about a week, and did not realize where it came from until I was in the garage doing some cleaning when I heard the beep again.  I think it beeps once every hour.  the lucky part was that had I not realized it until after the 30th, then I would have been out of the warranty period.

If a VZ technician is reading this, it would be nice if the ONT box could at least send a message to either the STB or the customer's e-mail notifying them that the battery needs to be replaced.  I'm sure there could be a simple diagnostic check through the router's settings.  Or perhaps having the box beep a little more frequently.