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Why are FIOS TV ratings different than show carrier's rating?

Example: Why is "When I was 17" rated TV-Y7 on FIOS when its rated TV-PG by the channel carrier MTV?  Unfortunately there are MANY more examples...not sure if it is Verizon that is just careless when assigning ratings or other...

Last time I checked, the TVY7 rating is suppose to be for 7 y.o and up; needless to say, I was pretty shocked when one of the episodes had a candid chat about a 17 y.o girl having sex, another one teaching others how to put on condoms, etc.

This rating issue has forced me to prevent the kids from using to the TV without me or my wife first previewing the shows they want to watch as we can't trust the parental control options available on FIOS.  Even that has problems as one show may be OK for one episode then go "south" on another. 

After this last find, I'm considering unplugging FIOS TV.  I can get all the content (local and national) I need from the Internet, and have far more control over the content delivered to the home desktops than I do delivered to the TVs now...

Re: Why are FIOS TV ratings different than show carrier's rating?
Master - Level 3

Once again, the problem is the guide provider (a company called FYI).  Verizon is not responsible for setting the ratungs, or providing the description, or flagging an episode as new.   

HOWEVER, they are responsible for the company that provides the information and need to start holding them accountable for the numerous errors and omissions.  There have been complaints for years about the guide and up until now Verizon seems deaf, dumb and blind on the issue Smiley Mad