Why change something that works???

  Hi I'm a new customer to Verizon Fios that was installed on Tuesday. And already I'm ready to leave. My 1st problem is that I can't turn off the TV. I have to get out of bed to do so! And I did have a problem with the volume but that was resolved with the help of a tech! (THANKS).  I do admit it's an older remote TV. But with Cablevision I was able to turn the TV off when I turn off the cable box! Now I found out that this was taken off on the new Verizon cable box as well as the clock? Why do company's remove option that work with no problems and take them away? It don't make any sense. Who you change a rolling round wheel to a square? Does that make sense? Than I was told maybe I should go to Radio Shack and buy a remote to turn off the tv! And I said why buy a remote when it worked well with the Cablevision box! No answer go figure.

  2nd I called billing about the DVR (free) in the ad. I was told that it had a clock on it and that I don't have to buy a clock to put on top of the box to see the time in the morning.  Being that I'm a new customer and she needed some information that I just different have at the moment. I was told that there was nothing that I can do until I have that info to give her! They have my contact and all in the PC, but yet she can't help me! I then ask to speak to her boss/ supervisor and was told NO! I said NO I can't speak to a higher up. And she said NO again!  What kind of company is Verizon when a New customer can't get a problem resolved when I ask for a someone in charged? I got fed up and just hung up the phone.

  I'm thinking of leaving Verizon now after 48 hours! If this is how things are done with a new customer I can only image what will happen to a long time customer!

Stanley Parker

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Re: Why change something that works???
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Which DVR do you have?  I have the Motorola 7232 box and it DOES have the clock!

Re: Why change something that works???

Three letters. EPA, Two words Energy Star,

The oldee boxes 2500 SD and 7100 HD had clocks the 7100 P2 does not. The 7235 HD DVR does have a clock along with the older DVRs. The DVRs fall under a different class than just a plain STB receiver.

Re: Why change something that works???
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I'm sorry you are having issues. Moving this to the residential boards so someone can hopefully help you with your technical issues.

And we'll try to get someone to assist with your billing question as well.