Wiring from splitter to router for FiOS TV and Internet


My wife and I live in an 80 year old house without coax till now. I am about to have an electrian do the internal wiring (fishing through the walls) for FiOS TV and Internet.

We will be running COAX from the likely splitter location to the STB's of our 3 TVs.

I am planning to run an Ethernet cable from the splitter to the router, so that if the router goes down, we can always by-pass the router and plug the Ethernet cable directly into a PC and still have Internet access. We telecommute and this would be a valuable option. I've seen postings saying one can do this, at least with the Actiontec router.

Question: Does the router need a second COAX cable run to it, from the splitter, so that the FiOS TV and STB's can function - or will the Ethernet cable from the splitter suffice?


Re: Wiring from splitter to router for FiOS TV and Internet
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It will also need the coax
Re: Wiring from splitter to router for FiOS TV and Internet
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The Router should have it's own Coax Connection to the Central Splitter.  The STBs use the Coax Connection to the Verizon Router to obtain their Guide Data and Video On Demand Content.  If you also run an Ethernet Cable from the same location to the Router your Technician should be able to configure it for your Internet Connection. Just make sure to ask him before he gets started with everything.

I would recommend that you have another router to plug into should the Verizon Supplied Router go down instead of directly into your PC.  This will provide you with some hardware based protection from the Internet.  There are also multiple ways that you can configure and use a 2nd router and/or switch with FIOS.  More information can be found here: