beIN Sports USA will be carried on FIOS?
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I read Aljazeera's sport press release that they bought the rights for the Spanish league in the USA from GolTv, is FIOS going to carry this channel that is supposed to launch on August 1st?

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Re: beIN Sports USA will be carried on FIOS?
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Yes so this has been reported. But, I like to know if beIN Sports will have enough market pull to get a stronger audience than GolTV, Fox Soccer and ESPN Deportes, besides the various international satelitte feeds and online feeds from Spain, Europe, Latin America, etc.? I have no evidence that supports a claim for their idea yet, again that's marketing and advertising data, but I have found no report on it, nothing.

I called Verizon and of course they did not know. They are not in their line-up. I called multiple times and some regions were less receptive than others. What's the Verizon consensus? If there is no critical mass for beIN Sports it will not happen, or it will be defective and fail. Remember, there is a two-legged Super-Clásico coming in August, but will Verizon even have this? Who is ready? There is a gloom of doubt in the air. In fact, there is already a satelitte feed with coverage of Euros 2012 from beIN Sports starting this week, according to what I read. 

With respect to this risk, I propose my idea that would be to maximize and explore the availability with Verizon's existing Spanish Lineup and DIRECTV® partnership to facilitate more channels from Spain (and Europe) that would result in the direct feeds of La Liga BBVA, Copa Del Rey, UEFA Europa League, Portuguese League, Milan Channel, and Serie A from Spanish Channels of Spain. Of course the feed would be in Castellano, but there could be a SAP option for English voice over.

It's an alternative to not having any Spanish, Italian, and Europa League matches and cups. Who supports my alternative idea? We can call it the Castilian Plan. 

Re: beIN Sports USA will be carried on FIOS?
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Latinus, that is a good plan but won't work. Since Aljazeera (beIN) bought all the rights. the matter here is not whether this channel will be successful or not, the issue here is that there will be no need for GOLTV (Obselete) and almost for FOX soccer except that they are still will be carrying the EPL, ESPN Deportes will lose the games sublease they used to get from Goltv for la liga. I see what Aljazeera Sport did overseas by buying all rights, it is a very very rich channel, I bet you that even after 2015 when FSC's contract will expire for champions league beIN will buy those rights.

In my opinion that anybody who watchd la liga on goltv or deportes will need this channel to keep watching the games, so fios has no choice but to carry the channel.

beIn Sport on FIOS?
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I am sure all of my fellow soccer fans really would like to know the answer to the question of will FIOS carry beIn Sport channels when they launch in the US in August?

Re: beIN Sports USA will be carried on FIOS?
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any word Verizon?

Re: beIn Sport on FIOS?
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I agree. One of the reasons I went to Fios was for the Soccer Coverage - I have SPT, Globo, ESPNDeportes, GolTV, Both Fox Soccer channels. They MUST add beIN!

Re: beIN Sports USA will be carried on FIOS?
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i called then and they have no clue.. I really hope they get the channel.. I relly dont wanna switch.. if anyone hears anything please post to inform me.. 

beIN Sports USA
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I am really hoping this channel is offered starting in August as GOLTV is no longer showing the Spanish Football (Soccer) League.  I am a big FC Barcelona/La Liga fan and  will be extremely dissapointed if I can't watch the season.

If you love European Football (Soccer)
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Verizon's current soccer channel offerings have lost the rights to broadcast any games from:

Spain's La Liga BBVA

Italy's Serie A

France's League 1

These rights were won by a new network called beIN Sports. They have two channel offerings: beIN Sports USA 1 & beIN Sports USA 2. If you love European football and want to be able to watch games from Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, etc, or if you're a fan of such big name players as Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, etc. make your voice heard and demand that Verizon add these channels to their lineup! Vote for this Idea Lounge suggestion:


Then get on the phone and express your desire to have these channels in the lineup. 

Re: If you love European Football (Soccer)
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Please add beIN Sport to the programming as it is basically replacing GOAL TV.  The soccer season starts this weekend and GOAL TV will be useless.  I plan on cancelling that suscription for that reason.