communicate with your service people
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This 'service' is beyond unacceptable. Saturday 2pm the TV service went out, called in, was transferred 3 times, got tech support, they were unable to get it to reset. Called back and got transferred 3 times again, then to another tech support person, also unable to reset the signal. Told me I had to be transferred to get an order number and then bring the top box to the nearest store to exchange it. Got transferred to billing who didn't know anything about an order for an exchange. I asked to speak to a supervisor andBrandon(around 4pm) in billing stated "You don't need to talk to a supervisor. Titles don't mean anything. We all have the same training". When I asked again to speak to a supervisorBrandongave me an 800 number for tech support and hung up. I called back and got a service person named Dave. He told me to go to the store to exchange the top box, I didn't need any order for that. I went to the store and they asked for my order number. The store person did exchange the box, told me to let it set up and gave me a 'direct' service number to call if the set up took more than an hour. After an hour of stalled set up I called the service number and was asked for my activation code. No....I was not given any activation code and there was no code on the invoice/receipt from the store. boot...I got an email at 445 asking me to confirm my order for 2 dvd rentals at $16 didn't order any dvd rentals. The last guy told me there was someone scheduled to come out to my home to fix the problem on Monday....funny...I work on Monday....I wonder when they were planning on coming to my have no other information from Fios. I will be filing a formal complaint to Fios and the BBB and Consumer Affairs. Beware their bad service!

Re: communicate with your service people
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Since we haven't heard back from you or have received a form submission as requested on your private support case, it appears assistance is no longer required. If you need any future help with your Verizon service, please make a post here on the forums so we can assist.