generic titles on DVR - why no title or specifics?
Enthusiast - Level 2

I record several series, and I find that sometimes I get a description.. sometimes not.  Actually - most of the time, not.  Why not episode title?  I used to get this all the time with Cox - so I think it is put out by the individual shows. 

The problem is when you go to watch it later.. you have no idea which episode is what, or if you have duplicate episodes.  You have to play the beginning of each recording to figure out which one is which.  I've ended up writing it down so I don't have duplicate episodes.. it is too hard to bring up each one and check it out every time. 

This is not at all user friendly or consistent.  Verizon needs to include more than the generic description when a customer uses the DVR to make it worth a customer's time and money to have this feature.

Plus it seems like I have to record all episodes, because checking for duplicates checks what?  the title - which is always the same for a series?  It is the episode title that changes.

What is the problem?  why do I have this problem with Verizon, when I didn't have it with Cox?