Re: how can I restrict the guide to show only channles I subscribe too?
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There is currently no way to make the Subscribed Channels settings work correctly. You can take the time to set up Favorites, but until Verizon acts to correct the situation, Subscribed Channels both in the Guide and Genres & Filters will not work as expected.

You can go here to vote for a fix on the Idea Exchange.

Re: how can i restrict the guide to show only channles i subscribe too?
I recently switch from directv and find the fios guide visually painful. It makes me watch less tv which is a good thing cause I'm realizing I can cut the cord. Plus, I don't understand why hd channels are 500 and up or the color coding. You would think that would show me if I can view the channel. Anyway, to reiterate what fios customer service told me when I signed up, "you pay the premium cause we are the best!" Thank you for the tip. Exited to waste more time.

Btw I like that they classify me as a "newbie". Sad classification --- I'm guessing they wanted me on these forums more complaining to increase my status. Will it provided me better customer service or enroll me in a secret rewards program?
Re: how can i restrict the guide to show only channles i subscribe too?
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Right but the OP's point is that this STILL shows you channels you are not subscribed to in the guide (not including the VOD pay content inserts) you still get tons of channels you aren't subscribed to showing up in the guide. Really, what is the point of a "subscribed" channel filter if it doesn't filter out channels you aren't subscribed to.