media manager for mac is rotating my photos

anybody shed some light on why or how i can fix verizon's media manager for mac from taking my iphoto picture stream and rotating them 90 or even 180deg? the photos appear properly oriented on my iMac with two pictures in a horizontal layout and two in a vertical layout. one of the horizontal pictures displayed properly while the other was rotated 180deg. both the vertical layout shots were spun 90deg to the left. I went ahead and rotated one of the vertical shots in iphoto to see if it changed how media manager streamed it to my tv but it didn't do anything.

the photo's i used were all from an iphone4, uploaded to a mobile me gallery, and shared to the fios connected mac by an iphoto stream.

I'd like to create a workable photo stream remotely to my grandparents computer to see pictures of grandkids but if I can't make it orient the photos properly its worthless....