organizing recordings? possible?
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like others have mentioned, the new fios tv 1.9 update is horrible. that's not a matter of hating change, it's just a really bad update, kinda like Windows ME. anyways, it's not likely verizon is going to do anything about it any time soon so that means suffering with it so...

one thing i noticed is that the dvr recordings are no longer sorted. they all have been titled as "recurring recording." i have to scroll through each to figure out which is which. any way to set it back so that it groups like recordings? i've searched through the settings and haven't seen anything. i've tried googling, but not sure which search terms would be best. so far i haven't found the answer online. telling me to record by "series" is not going to work on shows that do not follow the guide's timeline. the guide doesn't always use the consistently right name either. hence, creating manual recordings is the best method...

thanks in advance

Re: organizing recordings? possible?
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Thats a great idea! This would be a perfect candidate for the Verizon Idea Exchange. Please search on the idea exchange and cast your vote. There may be another member who made the same suggestion. If not, please add a new idea so your fellow community members can comment and vote on your suggestion. . The Verizon Idea Exchange is there for you to submit your ideas and suggestions to Verizon so that we can consider them as we innovate our products and services.

Re: organizing recordings? possible?
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My wife uses the Series Recorder and individually programs many shows to record (too many in fact, but that's another story).  In the Dallas area, we recently received the IMG 1.9 and are not having the same problem.  Our recorded shows continue to be listed by Series Title with sub-groupings underneath.  I've seen nothing titled something as generic as "recurring recording."  For whatever that is worth...