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So whats the deal with CBS? I tried to watch it live on the net and they want me to sign for a free week. Why with what we pay is there one hold out? Why can't we get CBS? Is it because they have the most popular shows on regular TV? NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, NCIS Los Angelas, the Sherlock Holmes guy,Scorpian, Stalker, CSI, CSI Cyber need I go on? You have to be able to fix this.

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Verizon has nothing to do with it.

CBS is offering their own "All Access" streaming service for $5.99 a month now.

CBS isn't one of the channels you can watch through Verizon itself online like other proividers where you sign in with your Verizon info..

They probably don't have a contract with Verizon to offer free streaming.

CBS used to be free online (some shows still are), but I guess they chose to start charging now as more and more people are going the streaming route.

If anything you should contact CBS and voice how you feel there.