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i am a new verizon account...bundle far...internet is okay...home phone is okay...but

I have taken to reading alot more with the television...I had brighthouse cable in tampa market...

and switched to verizon for price and internet...BUTT I no longer get local news, weather or events

on local television...only CNN OR FOX....which is national or world events....I need local news and

weather...expecilly with hurricanes upon us until november...

verizon needs to offer local television in each region they serve.  

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Which TV package do you have?

I believe that all FiOSTV packages have all local channels--I believe it is an FCC rule that all local channels are carried for all packages.

I wonder if it's a problem with the set top box you have? Which one do you have? Did a Verizon installer come to your house to do the install or did you do a self-install?

Re: television programming - Local Channels Are Included
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@dcd wrote:

... verizon needs to offer local television in each region they serve.   

As mentioned, they already do.  Check your settings and packages because somewhere along the way either your devices or your provisioning was not set up properly.

BTW, are you bragging, or complaining, about doing more reading?  Frankly I'd say just about any reading is an improvement over the general programming fare these days.