Cancelling Verizon services....

I just got off the phone with Verizon customer service after I learned that my bundle price that I am paying $124.99 for has been reduced by $20 per month.  I am a loyal customer of 6 years and they won't give me a discount because I already received one over a year ago.  They actually told me to call back in a couple months to see if I can get a discount.  I would rather switch to a competitor's bundle package out of principle as I disagree with this type of business practice. 

Verizon you really need to get in sync with your loyal customers because you are losing one as soon as TimeWarner can setup an install at my house!  You would rather lose $160+ a month from me rather than giving me a discount...that is not smart business.

Your customer service made it very aware that I was under contract for 2 months still and if I wanted to cancel I would have to pay a $60 cancellation fee.  That is just fine with me because TW is offering a $200 gift card for switching.