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Difficulty and quality of your Customer Service

Probem that cause me to call customer service: Fios Box Completely Dead ( was burnt out power source)

Around 2pm on Wednesday 4/30/2014, after enduring much difficulty to speak to a live person, because the automated system hung up on me twice,  because I was unable to supply either my account number or last bill amount paid(rather difficult without  internet access considering I'm paperless) I was told that a Technician would come to my home the next day at 8pm (yes a 30 hour plus wait).

 Well it's 9 pm on May 1st and no one has come yet.  At the time of setting up the appointment,  I was asked if I would like a phone call, email or text message confirming when the technician was on his way .  I opted for the text message ( dah I thought to myself how can I receive a phone call or email without internet or phone service) . Apparently Verizon proceeded  to cancel my Service Call stating that I had replied  to their text message saying I no longer needed their service. I did not receive a text message from Verizon, which I was informed required a response of either yes or no if my service issues were resolved. I must presume at this point that one of 3 things occurred:

1) Technician purposely cancelled the Service Call ( was late at night)

2)  A flaw in the automatic text system in place (yea right)  

3) Call was purposely canceled by support dispatch because of high volume and not wanting to have to pay overtime.  (Apparently the storm that cause my issues wrecked havoc on many customers)

So once again I ventured into the difficult journey of speaking to a live customer service representative.  After once again being hung up on by the automated system (same reasons as before) I was able to speak to alive person at around 9:30 pm ( started the phone trek at about 9:15pm)  well to make a long story short after being put on hold multiple times and also being told it was too late to send some out  that evening, I demanded to speak to a manager another wait( it is now about 10:30) The manager to whom I spoke to ( Please Verizon at least Employees that are understandable when they speak, his English was very hard to comprehend) told me the same that it was too late,  I demanded someone come ASAP, considering I had change my plans to go out with the family that evening.  The manager told me let me see what I can do and put me on hold (no music).  I remained on hold for another 20 minutes or so until I realized my called was dropped ( how convenient)  Once again Phone Trek I finally spook to a nice person that tells me she would set up an appointment as early as possible the next day (Tech came at 12pm, job took him all of 15 mins). So If I don't call again they would have never come.

Things that bothered me are many as you can imagine.  The thing that bothered me the most is that  manager once the call was dropped, knowing the difficultly a customer has to contact them and having all my information should have called me back, but he didn't. I worked for 20 years as a Walgreens drugstore manager,  and I made many phone calls to customer that had issues or made complaints. Customer Service for me was always top priority. I must presume that for Verizon customer service is not their top priority considering how I was treated.

Am I entitled to a refund of 2 days of service not rendered becasue of your equipment failure?

(apparently the power unit has been upgraded because prone to failure)

Re: Difficulty and quality of your Customer Service
Champion - Level 1

Hello Engage1955

You'll need to contact the billing dept. to make a request for a refund.