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Do you know how dangerous 5G will be?

The propaganda Verizon is spinning about 5G is something to question. Ecosystem??!! It is possibly the most destructive thing since the atom bomb, but the damage to living creatures' (people, animals, insects, birds, etc) health will be much more inconspicuous, of course. Big Corporations got this approved without any research to show it's safe. (because it's not) In Europe they have to prove it's safe first. In the US we the consumers have to prove that it's not safe.  Leukemia will be very big, with everyone living in a microwave on slow cook. I'm not an alarmist, there's a lot of Science about the dangers of this level of long term RF exposure. 5G is a huge money maker for big business monopolies, and they don't want the public to catch on to the facts. In addition to the harm it will do to people exposed to the radiation (i.e. almost everybody), the microwave antennas on every block will kill off the bees and insects, which in turn will affect lives of songbirds. Instead of pollinators and birdsong we'll have driverless cars.  Is that a trade-off you want?  Plus you get Leukemia in the bargain, although not right away. That takes exposure over time, which is the plan. The short term effects of this exposure are headaches, insomnia, ringing in the ears, fatigue and difficulty concentrating, These are very concentrated RF energy signals that are affected by free space attenuation, so the antennas have to be closely spaced, about every 50 to 100 yards. They'll be disguised to blend in with the environment, (considered a good thing), so it will be impossible to avoid them. This new level of exposure to radiation will be devastating. It's shocking that At&T and Verizon and our government have slipped this into our lives, using propaganda so the public won't know the dangers until it's too late. I'm not a nut job or paranoid, I have two masters degrees and have worked professionally for decades. This is scary stuff, proven to be harmful. Verizon calls it an ecosystem? It's an ecosystem of death and destruction on a very wide scale. If you don't believe me, do some research on RF Energy exposure. There really are bad guys, but they don't look like they do in the movies. They disguise themselves as good guys. Check out this short video:

Re: Do you know how dangerous 5G will be?
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There are places you can move that don't allow any RF signals at all.
West Virginia has an area near a radio telescope.