Filing a complaint against my Fios technician
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So, for the past MONTH I have repeatedly tried to file my complaint on the technician who installed my fios service, through both the Chat client and over the phone, and no one has ever gotten back to me! Each time, I am assured that in the next 24 hours I will recieve a phone call from the relevant supervisor, and they have never called. That in itself should be a complaint that verizon should investigate, but I assume that they would have to have the appropriate supervisor call me in the next 24 hours and the cycle would just continue. At any rate on to my actual complaint, since I can find no where else to submit it, I will start here. My install was scheduled for a 1p-3pm timeslot on 10/11/18, at around 10:30am I recieved a phone call from the verizon tech and, he told me that if I wanted my service installed, that it would have have to be, "right now, or I don't know how many days it will take me to get back out to you", luckily I was able to take an early lunch and told the tech that I would meet him there. Upon arrival the tech asked me what took me so long to get to my house and that he was about to leave, my work is only 10 minutes up the street even in rush hour traffic, still trying to be polite, I apologized for the delay and inquired about the drastic and abrupt schedule change from what was booked, to this he stated, "Look I have plently of other people on my list that want their service installed, if you make this a problem then I will just got to another house and you can wait until I get back around to you". When I let him into my home he immediately stated that he would be putting the router by the front door, since my home is a long narrow single story that wasn't going to work, so I told him that I would at the very least need it at the approximate middle of my home. He rolled his eyes and said, "Seriously dude? I'm doing you a favor by even being here, I told you I have other customers". When I showed them the approximate area beneath a window he said "that'll do" and slammed his drill into my wall about 4 inches away from an electrical outlet, without using a stud finder or making any effort to avoid hitting any electrical wiring, and went to town scattering drywall and insulation all over my floor and instructing me that cleanup was, "your problem".  He then went outside and attacked the side of my house in the same manner. It was getting close to the end of my lunch and I asked if there was anything else he needed from me before I left to go back to work and that my wife was now home and could provide access as needed, he didn't respond only glared at me for daring to have my internet installed. I shrugged and left, chalking it up to someone with a bad attitude doing a job that they didn't want to do.  I was just going to forget about the whole ordeal until I got home and saw how he had wired the outside of my house. He had passed the cable over some branches that would prevent him from getting a straight line to my house, so instead of reorientating the cable in a better position, he simply took tension on the line until it pulled the branches, all four of them, down until it was about the right angle, he then installed a clip on the side of the house putting all that tension on my siding. I immediately called the technician to ask him what he was thinking leaving it like that, he told me that it looked like it had plenty of slack when he left and that he wouldn'nt be coming back. I told him that I would be filing a complaint, if only I knew how hard that would be, he chuckled and said okay before hanging up on me. Left with no option I grabbed a saw and a pair of large lopers and climbed the 20 feet up into the tree to cut the branches, upon gaining purchase to the appropriate level I could see that the branches were under a lot of strain, when I cut the first and second branches with the lopers they were still pinned to the lower branches so I took the saw and cut those as well while keeping my balance as best I could. After cutting 4 branches and letting the line come down 10 feet it finally hung slack. I still don't even know if my installation was done correctly, I seriously doubt that it was, and can't get anyone out to look at it! This is by far the worst customer service experience that I have ever had from any company,and the fact that verizon does not take complaints seriously just shows that they are aware of their poor customer service and do not care. The technicians clearly abuse verizon's lack customer serivce to act however they wish with no repercussions. If I was not already under contract I would have switched to another company. 

Re: Filing a complaint against my FIOS technician
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Hi PMurphy,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents, who will be assisting you privately.