Grassroots/Endorsement Campaign in Hudson Valley
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First of all, thank you FiOS for saving me. I moved to Poughkeepsie just a few weeks ago and always thought of FiOS as the better, but more expensive option for cable and internet. My experience with Time Warner Cable was beyond terrible. From ~5 hours on the phone during just the first week to constant random charges to worthless customer service I actually canceled my services in the first two weeks. It was worth it just to tell them they had lost a customer to a competitor. However, when I actually looked into FiOS I realized for the same price I was paying with TWC (~75/mo) I could get 8 times as many channels and way faster internet. Every step has been easy, efficient, everything Time Warner was not. Plus my service is worlds better.

want Time Warner to go under. Businesses should be working for their customers, and Time Warner is the antithesis of that. They're establshed many people like me probably just consider them the default service in their area. But no consumer would ever consciously choose them over this. I can't speak for any area outside Hudson Valley, but Time Warner should not survive here. The only thing keeping them afloat is inertia and availability. I'm angered that I lost the money and time I did. I want to prevent other consumers from spending their money on such a terrible service, and I also want TWC to take a nosedive and stop collecting money in exchange for such meager 'service'. There must be others like me in the area (and around the country) with similar experiences who could spread this information to those around them. It would do good for the consumer community and aid your company. People should be aware of the facts and commercials make it pretty hard to distinguish glorified presentation from an actually solid product. I know that helping rescue Time Warner customers would be incredibly rewarding for me. With a team of salespeople powered by the same drive, I think you wouold greatly benefit.