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How about some better customer service!!!!

I tried calling four times to verizon and could not talk with anyone. First an automated guy does all his questions and then when being transferred to an actual person they say no agents are available we are disconnecting. Then the fifth time I actually get transferred to someone and put on hold. Thats fine I understand but then I listen to the stupid music for over an hour. The problem I was having was that my cable was not working at all and I had the dashes on the setup top box and had already tried unplugging and everything. So if that wasnt enough I go online to get a live agent and there the same thing no one is available. I mean verizon you guys pride yourself on cusotmer service but really get your stuff together this is ridicoulous.

Unhappy customer

Re: How about some better customer service!!!!

I agree with Unhappy Customer! When we went to bed last night after the storm passed through our area we had FIOS TV and FIOS phone service. This morning we had FIOS Internet service (thank God) but no FIOS phone service/no dial tone or FIOS TV service. Because I had internet service I logged into My Verizon expecting to get  a system status message. NO system status message. So I went to the phone support web page and ran the No Dial Tone App. This ran and then NOTHING. I ran it from both IE and Firefox because I thought maybe there were script problems due to browser incompatibilities. NOTHING. Stupid me: I would  have expected Verizon's No Dial App to provide a Network Outage notification. I guess they have also outsourced this to India and maybe it takes too long for the support center there to put up a network status.

I tried the Chat with Support app. Guess what? They did have time to post a message. It was that the support  center was overwhelmed (????!!!) and it was SHUT DOWN! Verizon is a Telco? Give me back my analog service that never seemed to fail due to hurricanes, blizzards, or whatever.


Disappointed Customer

Re: How about some better customer service!!!!

Customer service?  What customer service,  I called yesterday since my cable in my bedroom hasn't worked for about a week, after being put on hold for 30 min.  I finally got a technician.  Chatting with him for over an hour he came to the conclusion that it wasn't the box but a connection outside.  I was told that they were coming today to fix the problem with the hours from 8am to 9pm.

It is now 3:15 pm and I got a text stating my problem is resolved.  The cable still doesn't work in my bedroom and nobody came today.  Someone called me about an hour ago to let me know that they are sending me another box which is not the problem of course they said they will call me back but I know not to expect that.

Verizon is incompetent, pompous and do not have to account for their actions.  I am spreading the word that this company should never be used by anyone.

I know that nothing will be done about this since it is impossible to contact them via phone or email.

Horrible customer service!!!