How do I file a claim with Verizon for property damage?

Backstory: My family had just moved into our house in July 2020 and we had Fios installed that same month. During the installation, the tech drilled a hole in an interior wall in an effort to get a cable into the basement. When he realized he couldn't get down there due to the fact that part of the house was on a concrete slab, he adjusted and installed the cable by another way. He stuck a connector box over the hole in the interior wall, he didn't indicate whether he thought he hit something, and nothing seemed amiss. Fast-forward to late June/early July 2022, I discovered that in the corner in the area this drill hole was made there is mold and a small, soft, wet spot in the drywall. I had a plumber come to investigate and he discovered that the drain pipe that connects from the upstairs bathroom to the sewer line in the concrete slab had been completely drilled through.

I've tried to get in touch with someone at Verizon who can help me, but all has been in vain. The day the plumber came, I tried calling Verizon customer support got no answer for nearly an hour. I switched to the instant chat feature. I explained the situation and I showed the customer support agent the damage over a video. He said that he opened a ticket and I should expect a call in 24hrs. I received no call, the ticket appeared to be closed, so I called again and got a person who reopened the ticket and said I would be getting a call in 24hrs. This brings me to today; it was nearing the end of the day and I hadn't received a call, so I called Verizon again. This time I got someone who said that he escalated it to the technician supervisor who should give me a call back tomorrow within 24hrs. 

I'm not optimistic that I will receive a call back given I haven't received one after my other interactions with customer support. I also just checked the ticket status in the MyVerizon app and it no longer is appearing which makes it look like it is closed.

Is there any way I can file a claim with Verizon to reimburse me for the cost to replace the pipe, remediate any mold, and restore the wall and concrete slab?

TLDR: Unbeknownst to me at the time, Verizon Fios tech drilled a hole in the drain pipe from the upstairs bathrooms. Besides the damage to the pipe, there is now mold in the wall. How can I file a claim to have Verizon reimburse me for the costs associated with repair, remediation, and restoration of the area in question?

Re: How do I file a claim with Verizon for property damage?

Hi ZigNewtons,

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