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New construction home trying to get DSL

My husband and I are building a new house and moving in the next few weeks.  We were trounced by Time Warner as we are at the end of the line and are 100 feet too far away from the last pole for service.  We do use Directv for our TV.  We need internet and I don't want to go through any hassle of satellite internet, etc.  I have been on the phone with Verizon for HOURS in the last few weeks.  My "ticket" is supposedly sent to engineering everytime on my new build to see if I can indeed get DSL since my address is new and has never had any service ever.  I finally this week went and put in an order for a landline phone since I thought maybe this would motivate something.  I have talked to so many people at Verizon.  First they told me my engineering ticket would be 24-48 hours.  Nada.  Then 4-7 days.  Still nothing.  I am going on 10 days here with no response and no help.  I have spoken to some not so nice people at Verizon.  I even had a rep tell me that there was No way in hell I would get DSL.  A little background here.  I am right outside of the town limits in my area.  My uncle who is further outside of time 500 feet up the road from my driveway has DSL.  My other neighbors have DSL.  I have spoken to many people at verizon who told me the reason is that my area isn't saturated.  I don't understand the hassle I have gone through nor the huge issue.  I WANT to be a customer yet all these hoops and red tape is seriously making me want to just quit.  Any help would be appreicated.  My husband and I both need internet (unlimited too) for our jobs and am freaking out.  Prior to building I checked with time warner and then ensured me that my address was valid and able to get service.  At this point we are freaking out and with no one to really help us - I seriously don't know what to do.  No one is helpful at all.  I have put in an engineering request (well actually 3 since 2 got "lost" somehow) and as of yesterday my last ticket I put in was in and no one has touched it.  I am tired of being treated so poorly for wanting a service.  I just don't get it.  Any help??  Please??  We aren't in the middle of no where.  Just a little out of town limits - seriously like 500 feet.   

Re: New construction home trying to get DSL
Super User
Super User

Welcome to the forums.  You're talking to other users here.  Sometimes Verizon moderators escalates issues to Verizion support.  If that happens to you, be sure to follow their instructions to access the private support case.

You might want to contact your local and/or state government to determine if there are any regulations that might help you get Verizon moving.  Your state utilities commission may be the best place to start.

Good Luck.