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No Customer Loyalty
I have been a loyal FIOS customer for over 2 yrs and think that the triple play bundle is a decent product but that was when I was paying $74.99 per month. My 2 yr contract expired recently and for my loyalty my triple play increased to $114.99 per month! That's a 53% increase. I was informed from customer service the best they can do is $104.99 per month now with all offers on the table. That's a 40% increase and meanwhile they are offering new customers a much lower rate. Verizon seems to have missed the boat on loyalty to customers and in the midst of significant market competition this seems to be very short sighted. I didn't request to be better off than new customers but only put on the same level. Seems reasonable right? If this situation is not resolved Verizon will find one less customer to worry about.
Re: No Customer Loyalty

Seems to be pretty common among the cable/internet providers. Offer a great deal for a year or two then screw loyal customers out of any deals and hope they just keep paying. Unfortunately some people don't have choices for other providers, but being someone who does if Verizon tries to jack up the rates next year it will be time to move on. There's nothing I hate more than playing the game of calling customer retentions multiple times trying to just keep the same rate. I'd suggest offering flat rates and if they want promotions to get new customers to subscribe to services offer gift cards, free upgraded router, free install, free extra movie channels for a year, etc. and keep the basic service price the same.