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Poor On Demand video incident

Just spent 30 mins on the phone with Verizon Customer Support.  Called in complain about some very poor video quality on an On Demand Christmas movie I purchased last month and see if they might be willing to credit me the $3.99 because the movie was hard to even get through and I didn't feel I had received my money's worth.  I mean the picture was sticking and smearing all over the place.  I was asked if I had made it past the first 5 mins of the movie, which I had because the problem did not manifest itself until after that.  I was then told that Verizon would not credit a movie after 5 mins of viewing.  Okay - it was not about the $4 and I was prepared to leave it there except for I just wanted a satisfactory answer to what I as a customer should do if this happens again in the future and the answer was "I'm sorry but if you watched more than 5 mins of the movie, we can't help you" (even if the movie goes down completely half-way through).  NOT a satisfactory answer!  On top of that, the rep came back with an admission of this problem with other customers and said Verizon was working on it.  Still, no credit.  Really?  Verizon is going admit to a problem and then not stand behind a reasonable video quality of their movies and charge their customers for a movie that gives out half-way through?


I asked to speak to a Supervisor and was told that the Supervisor would tell me the same thing and then continued on with the same scripted answers to my persistent but civil questioning.  I again asked to speak to a supervisor regardless.  Now it was strictly a matter of principal.  The rep said nothing and put me on hold for 15 mins, such that one would wonder if they were hung up on.  Sans dial tone, I stayed on the line.  Finally, while I never got to speak to a supervisor as requested, the rep came back telling me that the statement that would carry the charge for that movie was not out yet and thus I could not be given a credit YET.  Apparently, a note has been put in my file that should allow a credit when the bill does get published.  Okay, why couldn't you have said that to begin with, without all the pain and wasted time on both sides?  So, we'll see...


As far as what a customer is to do in the future, if this happens again - the rep said the video problem has been fixed and that this should never happen again.    ...Right!

Re: Poor On Demand video incident

My statement came out today, I called Verizon Customer Service back and spoke with what seemed like a more competent and friendly agent, who put in a credit request, which DID indeed get approved a little while later.