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Price gurantee means nothing, the checkout order summary means nothing, contract means nothing

Verizon boldly advertises in print, online and in TV about their price guarantee for 1 or 2 years if the customer signs 1 or 2 years contract. That is flat out lie at least according to their own customer service reps. To get the service set top boxes are required but according to the "great" customer service the guarantee applies to the service and not to the equipments. While checking out the order summary clearly shows the price guarantee for whole 24 months but this is not being honored. The same thing happened when they even refused to honor the promotions clearly written on the checkout order form and the case had to be escalated to be resolved by superiors. The same thing si happening again. I am not sure if Verizon has vowed to offer worst possible customer service and do nothing but to refuse to accept their own order forms that clearly mention the price, possibly in hope that the customer would go away after a few calls and obviously can't cancel as he/she is under contract!!!

Take a look at the order summary that clearly indicates the total price of the service for whole 24 months...


Re: Price gurantee means nothing, the checkout order summary means nothing, contract means nothing

I signed up for the Price Guarantee because there was an upcoming rate increase for the TV part of my bundle. It said that it was going to occur within 2 billing cycles. When I first noticed it on my October statement I took action to avoid the rate increase by agreeing to keep my current bill amount which also included a 2 year Contract. Now, 2 statements later, the rate increase is on my account was added anyway. I looked at my October statement again where the message was about the Rate Increase and it said "If you have recently signed up for a new 2-year bundle agreement you may disregard this notice."  Does this mean that the Price Guarantee was not done soon enough. How was I supposed to know there was going to be an increase prior to this message and that I needed to taken action sooner? And does that mean I don't have another 2 year contract? I really hope it didn't do through because I didn't want to sign up for another 2 year contract, because I have been encountering problems with my service and I want to keep my options open to CANCEL Verizon service and go to another provider.

Verizon's Terms and Conditions are confusing and I think that's so that unsuspecting consumers will just pay whatever and not question why they are paying so much.