Problem With Staff at Store

For the past couple of months I have had a difficult time with the Verzion Staff in {edited for privacy} , I have been denied a reciept, had charges placed on my account that I didn't subscribe to nor was with my orginal plan, had to wait in the store for 6 hours just obtain a reciept after each matter which wasn't easy at all, been treated rudely by the staff especially one man whom when I took my phone to be checked out because it wouldn't  ring at the time, (this man was not a technician) falsely told me my phone had water damage even though my strips on the inside were red and white after that he threatened to flag my account and that the only things he would offer would be to buy a new phone there, or pay for insurance back to 2008. I found out later that week that all that was wrong with my phone was that the ringer on the top of my palm was turned off. This man was rude and overly curt and I never recieved an apology from him for the matter nor was treated with any respect. After these events I contacted technical support by phone which they have been most helpful with the matter but what troubles me is that I was supposed to be contacted by the manager of that store. It has been over a week now and they have yet to attempt to contact me. I am very worried that is employee is going to continue to mess with my account or will do something else out of line and I want to be contacted about this situation before I go to pay my bill. Because the fact is tha now I don't trust the fact that he will not do something or that the staff at this store will do anything to help matters especially since they have yet to contact me.

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Re: Problem With Staff at Store
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Good evening,

First, I am sorry for your issues.  That being said let me ask a few questions. I dont want the name of the store but was it a Direct store or Indirect.

If it was Direct store what you need to do is find another store in the area and call them. Make sure you selcet to speek to a store rep or you go to customer care. Very nicely tell them that you are not calling to complain on them but that you would like the contact infomration for the District manager. They should give you. Be aware you will get a voice mail or secertary. 

If they do not give it to you. Be polite call Customer care and ask the the contact info for the stores district manager.

Now that being said if its an in direct  store call customer care they will give you a contact for the Corporate person that managers them then do the same thing.

Again I am sorry fo ryour issue there is never an excuse to mistreate a customer.

Customer is always right.

If customer is wrong please refer to rule number 1.