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SO TIRED of 0 stars support!

Wow what can I say!  Billing service is non existant.  No customer service reps have any authority.  Cant get my email right  even though its right on myverizon!  Say they have tried to contact me about price increases which I never received.  Everything is my fault even though they have confirmed my billing address and daytime phone are correct.  Stopped receiving paper bills even though they have my billing address that's never changed.  They just stopped coming.  Have been trying to get bill corrected since November 2013.  Phone reps have to individually remove line item by line item to no avail.  Audit dept. can't find anything except me being wrong.  Totally incompetent and no authority.  Which I"m not.  Should have been a simple fix!  Price just keeps going up which they say are prorations from previous months.  We were making 8 cent payments for months last year while in vacation mode.  Called to correct and rep gave us a $5.10 credit rather than deal with it!  I could go on but gets pretty rediculous.  I'm SO TIRED of slothfullness that we are all paying for!  I no longer will try to resolve anything with them, its just easier!  I run a big dollar company.  If I operated this way I would be broke and out of business.  I don't have all of YOU to keep baling me out like they do.  I'm sure this will fall on deaf ears with Verizon, they will acknowlege they read it but nothing will change.  I work hard for my money and so do all of you!  Rick  

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Support is a Round Robin affair.

I received an email telling me that my bill hasn't been paid.  I checked the bills for both the land line and the DSL.  Both were paid in full a minimum of 2 days before the notice was sent.  Upon further review, the account # mentioned in the notice isn't mine. 

I contacted Cust Service.  The lady was very nice - she checked my accounts and saw that my invoices were paid. She cannot find this other account on which I received a dunning notice. Somehow it is connected to me for payment butshe cannot help. She said I had to go to Wireless group and gave me the number to call.  I called.  The man was very nice, but after talking, I was told by him that I, again, have the wrong group then the pitch started for FIOS and other services.  They can't solve this problem or get me to the correct group to solve it - but they want me to do more business?  This man was transferring me to the "right" group to handle my matter. The phone rang and I received a message telling me they were disconnecting my call.  SO- Is this retaliation for not agreeing to consider other Verizon services? 

This isn't the first time that I have had problems trying to connect with Verizon to straighten out a billing problem.  It is a round robin of finding the right person AND the constant pitch to buy more. I think customer service would be interested in serving the customer first.