Scheduling payments - Not a happy camper, major screw up!!!!
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I had rescheduled my payment from yesterday to next week, on 10/15. It was 11:15 in the morning. Went through the process and thought it was completed. Found out this morning that the payment went through and now, the bank account is overdrawn! I called Verizon and asked why did they do that, considering I changed the arrangement because I knew that would happen. The guy asked me if I did it after six. No! It wasn't even noon! Apparently no one noticed the change! Seriously, you people have to start communicating with each other. Now, I have the option of calling the financial department or removing next week's scheduled payment. I tried to remove it. Called back and I'm not waiting on the phone, considering I'm sick at the moment. All I know is that you now have over $600 of payments in a month,. The next payment arrangement had better be cancelled when I call!!!!!!!!!
Re: Scheduling payments - Not a happy camper, major screw up!!!!
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I've had one of those also.  I scheduled a payment on their web site for a specific date, and just assumed it was paid. Then I got a notice that my payment was overdue. So I did the usual call getting bounced around to four different people, spending an hour on the phone. Finally a woman said she worked with the web site and for whatever reason the payment never went through. She said to just enter it again. I asked if I would be double billed and she ASSURED me that would not happen and that she could "see" what was going on.  Like a fool I paid again on their website and then 2 days later a double amount was withdrawn from my checking.  Nobody I called really cared what had happened and told me that I was now paid up for two months, not that I wanted to pay two months in advance.  These people are either incompetent, live in an alternate universe or are very poorly trained.  I don't think Verizon is spending their massive profits on training employees or providing better customer service.  I don't believe it is the employees fault--I blame it on management of Verizon which apparently sucks.