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This is ridiculous
When I moved from my old apartment to my new one, I took a chance to switch from rcn to verizon. I called, scheduled an appointment for the next day, and everything was ok, until I faced problems with my new apartment. I had to move again, so I called Verizon to move my wifi. I waited two days which was when the appointment was due, when a repair man came. A repair man. I remember clearly telling the representative that I was moving, and that I needed a technician to MOVE the equipment not repair it. After getting the order completely wrong, Verizon notifies me that the appointment is scheduled for the NEXT WEEK. It's funny how when you tell them you're switching from another service, they come to your house right away, but when you're an existing customer, no one cares. The following Friday, I get a incapable technician who couldn't complete the job and was on a personal phone call the whole entire time. It seems that all the technician did was "connect" the wifi so that the little wifi signal shows up on my phone, but doesn't actually work to get me on the internet. Apparently, there was something wrong with the box outside, and it was something he couldn't fix. He told me that he called another technician to be here within 30 minutes or so. Ok, 30 minutes, fine. I waited and no one came. Not even a single call or email about this incomplete order. I called again and this other representative told me that bringing in another technician in thirty minutes was impossible and that they should come within 24-48 hours, again with no confirmation notice, email, or number. At this point I was pretty frustrated and the whole order seemed unstable so I called again. I told the whole entire situation to this other lady who picked up. She told me that that's not how it works and that she would put in another order for the next day in the afternoon. The next day, I waited and waited, but no one came. I called again for the nth time and this guy told me that some order was put into jeopardy and he could to absolutely nothing about it. He told me a department would call today, but obviously at this point I really couldn't trust anything the representatives said. I started asking what was the main problem that they absolutely couldn't just send a technician over here until the guy rudely hung up. So I called yet AGAIN and after being put on hold for numerous times now, this lady tells me that she can't do anything because the light department is closed on Saturdays. CLOSED. Why on earth would departments and related services work different schedules? And why is that every time I call verizon, all the answers are not in agreement? I have had it with this inefficient customer service. I'm on the verge of switching back the rcn. Terrible second, third, and forth impression
Re: This is ridiculous
Enthusiast - Level 3

I don't know if the technicians or employed by verizion or hired on more of a contractual basis.

A few days ago I needed a technician to come over to my house because the new fios media server (aka fios quantum) wasn't working. The technician was very friendly and actually extremely knowledgeable.(when customers aren't receiving service--meaning verizon would appropriate credit towards their bill for each day without service--the technician was there the next day)

That being said, he never bothered to call before his arrivial letting us know when he would be there. That is forgivable, forgetting to make the call may have been a genuine oversight. What is less forgivable is that he spent AT LEAST 90 minutes parked outside my building as he passed the time with what appeared to be his girlfriend. It easily could have been more time, as he was only first noticed around 90 minutes before he actually came inside.

I do realize this tech may have been on his (90 minute) lunch break; even if that was the case he shouldn't be allowed to drive around with his girlfriend in the van, who is a obvious distraction and a who could only facilitate to hinder his productivity.

I do want to at least reiterate that he was friendly and knowledgeable when he finally came upstairs. Perhaps if worker efficiency was improved people with low priority service calls wouldn't have to wait a week. 

In the end, I would never report the worker directly as I would never take the side of Verizon over an actual hard working employee who's just cutting a few corners while at his underpaid job. I'm just relaying an anecdote.

Re: This is ridiculous
I'm not sure you're missing much. When I first got my FIOS installed, the Verizon technician couldn't configure my network with the SSID that I wanted. Then he just LEFT, without even seeing if the internet worked. I had to set it up myself, only to find out that it doesn't extend throughout my house ( which isn't that big) I was eventually told that routers do not go through some of my walls, which is **bleep** because the crappy CLEAR 3G internet service I had before reached every room in my house, with the router in the same spot.
I was also lied to about the channels I would receive, causing me to "up" my service to receive the same channels I had on DirecTV, only for nearly twice the money.
I was on the phone with "customer service" for 4 of the first 7 days I had the service, for all different problems. I guess I should've known then to just jump ship. I've had plenty of problems since, most if which I just deal with because they can never fix them.
Now my service is suspended and, honestly, it's a pretty good thing. Oh, I'll get back to paying them soon, but it's been nice not wasting my time scrolling through hundreds of channels I don't watch only to settle on a show that I don't really care that much about. I can watch my football games with my HD antenna FOR FREE, and watch an occasional show or movie on NETFLIX through my Sprint service. Yes, I still obligated to pay Verizon. But now I know I am just as fine without it, easily trading the bloated TV listings for piece of mind knowing that I no longer have to deal with their useless customer service.
Honestly, I feel the need to thank them. I now have something to look forward to come December.