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Verizon Internet Security Suite is terrible.

Please understand that I am not bitter but just dumbfounded.  Overall, I am fairly satisfied with the Verizon Fios service.  The TV service works fine for me and the Internet speed is blazingly fast as advertised.  And the customer service does manage to resolve all of my issues and concerns in the end.  Sometimes it's frustrating with communication barriers and I've gotten upset at times too but I really do my best to work with the agents and see things from their point of view.  Some of the reps can have a poor manner of dealing with customers but most of them do the best they can.  The majority of them are honest and correct in what they tell me.  But my biggest criticsm is that the Verizon Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee is really a throw away if you ask me and I'm not saying this to be critical.  Verizon really should do away with it all together or invest in a virus program that's of better quality.  I understand that this virus program is the one for which Verizon can get the lowest bid and when a program is obtained cheaply like that, the quality suffers over the long run.

Just recently, I was having problems with connecting to the Internet and my computer had been on the slow side for quite a while.  I've had Verizon Fios for a little over 2 years now and before that I had Verizon DSL.  After speaking to 3 reps and being told that it was an issue with my computer, I know I was getting frustrated and didn't really want to believe that.   No rep should be saying to a customer that "it's not our problem and if you're having this issue, then too bad".  But I considered what I was being told and figured if 3 people said the same thing, then maybe they were right.  So I hired a local technician privately to come to my house to look at my computer which is now 6 years old.  In all the time I was using Verizon's Internet Security Suite, it always came back saying that I had no viruses but guess what?  When the tech looked at the problem, he downloaded a free virus program which picked up on a lot of viruses that I never knew I had!  I was shocked, not because I had computer viruses, but because in all this time, I was paying $5.99 per month for a virus program that was doing nothing.  It was like having no virus protection at all!  So I immediately called Verizon to cancel the Internet Security Suite and the rep I spoke to didn't argue or question me or try to sell me anything additional.  He canceled it right away and that was the end of it.  I just had to uninstall the program from my PC.   

Now my computer is working much better and I would like to mention the websites for 2 free virus programs which seem to work a lot better for me: and  I never knew there was such a thing as a free virus program to download.  It just doesn't run in the background on its own schedule.  You have to activate it yourself but it's very thorough and picks up on infected files pretty quickly. updates itself and for, you just have to click on "update" periodically to have the latest virus defintions.

I'm really not trying to take away business from Verizon in any way.  But people should not be encouraged to invest in a program that's going to lead their computers down the wrong path because in the end, it's about servicing the customers and giving them a good bang for their bucks, not just adding on cheaper programs to make more profits.