Visa Prepaid Card - dishonest/fradulent offer & representation. Flat out lies.
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So, after filtering through hundreds of complaints over the above mentioned issue, I have come to the understanding that Verizon will not own up to their offer on the table. They (Verizon) have a commitment to uphold just as I do when it comes time to pay my bill - this was a contract and trust that I will exercise my rights to enforce such.

Just as others have mentioned, upon signing up for service in May, I was offered a $250 prepaid Visa card - the stipulations for this were: "Must have service for 60 days with no past-due balance. Card mailed within 90 days of install date." Additionally, and completely independent from the Visa offer, Verizon offered another "perk" to sign a 24 month contract, providing a discount for services in the amount of $25 per month for the first 24 months. There was never any "choose one or the other" option, as the "customer service" reps were trying to wash into my head, which by the way, it took 8 different people for someone to work up the courage to (mis)inform me these offers are dependent of each other and you get one, not both. You can look at RIGHT NOW and see the same promotion(s). Both, hand in hand, are being offered. The only difference is the offers are greater ($300 Visa card and $30 off a month for the first 24 months). Upon pointing that out, the "rep" asked for a copy of my order showing the two promotions. Verizon doesn't provide you with a copy of your order. The only way to achieve this is by taking a screenshot of your order. Nothing will ever get emailed, or mailed, to you. Shocker.

This is a heads up for anyone going through the same issue - you do have the right to collect your promotion, don't let them (Verizon) lead you to believe anything different. You have the bbb as well as your attorney general at your disposal. Do not let big business manipulate you.

For those signing up for this promotion, make sure to take a screenshot of your order - or, better yet, pay the additional money for other service providers - verizons billing, customer service and service overall, is sub-par.

Re: Visa Prepaid Card - dishonest/fradulent offer & representation. Flat out lies.
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I had no problem getting my Verizon reward card and neither did my son.  So, maybe, you should contact Verizon and see just what went wrong wih yours.  There is a wait time, so be patient.  I got a postcard from Verizon when the card was mailed.

When I renewed my contract, I  did ask that I be sent an E mail of the new terms,before agreeing.  After I got the E mail, I called the agent back and agreed.  I was given a choice of two offers, I agrre to the Verizon Reward card .

Since you have no proof of the agreement, I would ask that Verizon play you the recording which they made of you agreeing to the terms.  This should tell the story of just what you agreed too. 

Sometimes it gets confusing on the phone, so I always take time to get what I agree to in writing and so should everyone.  After all, Verizon , with your permission, recorded your agreement.  Tell them to either send it to you via E mail, or tell them that you will also be recording the conversation. 

You might also call Verizon and ask to speak to someone in "Customer Retention."  These people"s job is to keep you as a customer, and they will look into your complaint and help you!

Re: Visa Prepaid Card - dishonest/fraudulent offer & representation. Flat out lies.
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I took extra steps to make sure I would not have problem getting this and even have the emails to Verizon, and calls into promotion dept when signed up and still with all this and answers I received when I made sure I signed up correctly now being told nope I didn't.  But even with all the proof I was told I did I am in same issue and now answer getting  back when I push the issue is we told you no already, and these are days I told you no...  
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