battery alarm

An alarm keeps going off on the box in the basement.  It says change battery.  It is not a typical battery.  Where would I even get one and what is it for?  the alarm is driving me crazy

Re: battery alarm
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We warranty the battery for one year after your installation. If you are within a year, please send me a private message. If not, you can go to any battery store to obtain one. If you want to order one from Verizon to shipped to you, please call 877-503-3537.

Re: battery alarm
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it's been less than a year and replace battery light is on and it's beeping.

Re: battery alarm

if it's less than a year, call verizon tech support    or do a live chat at the bottom of this page that is labeled as  "Contact Us"

   I have seen them at amazon for 12 -20 dollars.     Sealed lead acid battery   12v and 7 ah or to be precise 7.2 ah   

I also can find this battery at radio shack, or home depot or lowes.   it's a pretty common battery for those hot wheels cars that are motorized, or alarm systems, and things like that.