customer service can do no wrong

Trying to send and e-mail regarding a horrible experience I had tonight with the billing dept., but

seems customer service is just a word.  It's funny how people believe that if they over shout you

their somehow intellectually superior.  Lying is also a very common tactic as if the customer can't

remember what they said 60 seconds ago or why they ever called.  Then, bait the customer into a conversation so

insulting that without even thinking obscenities start flying out of the customers mouth, so they can either hang up

on you or somehow justify, in their own mind, that you where always wrong and should have never called.

And of course something I never thought I'd hear, but hear all too often, "the customer does not pay my wages."

Which is like saying the customer is not just  wrong all the time, but is a customer on demand as if the customers

patronage is ordained by "GOD" or something.  If verizon is going to offer assistance to it's "SLAVES" the least

it could do is offer something "USEFUL"  instead of insulting.  (OH, YES!)  The slaves do have a brain, which, is

why their not employees.  Nothing in my life has ever been more painful

Above happened 12-28-2011 @ 8:40pm by the female supervisor on staff. 

I'd rather be waterboarded..............................