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how to unify multiple logins for my home verizon (not wireless) services?
Enthusiast - Level 2

I've tried about 3-4 times to solve this via traditional support--it usually turns into a loop and never gets resolved.  So I thought I'd post to the forum and maybe ask around.  My situation can't be that unusual:

A few years back I was a Verizon DSL subscriber, and my username was 'X'.  I had good service, but then I moved and when I got the DSL transferred it wasn't as fast so I switched to another ISP.

About two years later FiOS became available and I got it.  The issue started when I was getting set up--the technician had me pick a username--my chosen one, 'X', was not available (presumably because I'd had it a couple years previously with my DSL account.  I should have insisted they resolve it right then and there, but didn't.  I chose Y for my username.

So for the past 14 months, now there's a problem.  My services are split, so for some things I have to login as X, and for others I have to login as Y.  So, to pay my bill or do DVR stuff, I login as X.  But, if I want to look at my phone messages, I get an error and I have to re-login as Y.  It's confusing.

I very strongly want to use the old (X) login because the other one (Y) is a work-related one that I really don't want to use for email addresses and so forth.  I want to merge the X and Y accounts into the orignal login, both for simplicity and for being able to just login once and use all of the online FiOS services.

Anyway, this doesn't seem that hard. But you'd think it was rocket science.  I've spent a few hours on phones, I've exchanged lots of emails, and I've filled out a lot of forms.  It seems to be beyond Verizon's capability to assign somebody to this support task who can follow through and get it done.  Not sure what to do about it.  

Any suggestions?  

Re: how to unify multiple logins for my home verizon (not wireless) services?

I have the same issue.  I have accounts "X" (FIOS TV-Cancelled, but login still existent), "Y" (Wireless), and "Z"(High speed internet)...each with a separate login name, since each new account would not accept the existing login name.  Now I have to go to three different sites to view bills.  I tried to activate the "ONE BILL", but that only works if you have two separate Verizon phone numbers to register with.  Why doesn't Verizon calibrate the settings on their servers to merge accounts from the same client?  This is normal in other large corporate billing sites.  Has anyone found a solution online or been helped by Verizon IT Support on this yet?

Re: how to unify multiple logins for my home verizon (not wireless) services?

you should be able to unify the logins if you go to and login to that site using the email address.

I don't believe you will get to pick and choose, I think it will want to merge using the email address as the new primary.

try that and let us know if it works 

Re: how to unify multiple logins for my home verizon (not wireless) services?
Enthusiast - Level 1

Agreed, I still cannot make my fios and wireless logins have the same use ID! What is going on Verizon?