How "accurate" is next bill estimate
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After getting a CLNR Pixel 3 because my Pixel 3 stopped getting calls and Verizon Corporate store determined the reason was it was not in the Verizon database ( it was a warranty replacement for my original purchased Pixel 3 with a swollen battery that I received a couple of months earlier).

I pre-ordered 2 Pixel 6 Pro's on launch day to replace both the CLNR I got and replace my wife's Pixel 3 which suffered from excessive echo (received them 11/16/2021, almost a month after they were ordered). 

On my Verizon I was prompted to review my bill

The Verizon estimated 11/11/2021 is incorrect because it includes an $899.99 fee for "device not returned". This device was received at Fort Worth Texas dock, by TMO on 10/6/2021 at 12:04pm per UPS Ground PROOF OF DELIVERY for Tracking Number.

This was brought to the attention of Customer Service as soon as I received the email on Friday 10/29/2021 at 11:2am stating I was being accessed this fee and Ticket ID: t5046195 was created on Friday 10/29/2021 at approximately 11:52am by CS Rep Diego. That's more than a month to process the ticket & 44 days since the device was received returned to correct and display an accurate bill. Will I get an accurate bill or will I be fighting to correct Verizon's error?

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