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Phone no longer charges

Before I go to the hassle of getting to a Verizon store to be directed to send my phone off for replacement, figured I'd come here first.  As of last night, my phone no longer can be plugged in to any charger.  I plugged it in while sitting in my recliner (original charger for the phone) and it started charging.  I moved to the bedroom and plugged it in, and got up this morning to the phone having taken no charge.  So I looked for troubleshooting and followed those, to no avail.  My children both have the same phone as I do and both of theirs will plug in on all the chargers I am trying on mine, and all show they are taking a charge.  The chargers are all wall chargers.  I have restarted my phone and it hasn't helped.  I've looked and ensured there isn't anything that I can see (or feel) around the charging port area.  But still, it is like something is blocking the cord from plugging all the way in when I try to plug it in.  With my son's phones, the cord slid in and kind of "snapped" or seated in place, all the way into the device.  On mine, it is sliding in only about 1/2 way it appears, and isn't fitting in there snug.... like it's not sliding over something properly.  Is there anything else I can try at home before I make the drive into town to have Verizon tell me we have to send it off?  I hate the 30-45 min drive just to do that, but such are the woes of country living. 🙂  So I try to do everything I can online.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Phone no longer charges
Super User
Super User

I would try a can of air and see if something was stuck in the port.  Does the phone charge fully on the charger that came with the phone?

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Re: Phone no longer charges
Customer Support

I truly regret to hear that your phone is not charging properly, CountriGal. Ann154 had a great suggestion, trying to use a can of compressed air in the charging port may be helpful. If doing that, please be sure to keep the nozzle of the spray at least an inch or two away from the actual port, because high compression blowing directly inside of the port can be risky. I would also see if you are able to use a flashlight and see anything in the port. Was the phone dropped or damaged in any way before this happened? Do you have any case on your phone that may be blocking the charger?