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Pixel 2, Android 10 GA, no WiFi Calling
Contributor - Level 1

I just updated my Google Store Pixel 2 to Android 10 (general availability) directly from Pie. (I.e., never installed Beta of 10.) WiFi Calling seems to have stopped working. It's still set On. I cycled it off/on. I checked/re-set the emergency address. Even with no bars of wireless and the same powerful, fast, WiFi connection I just installed 10 over, there is no indication that Verizon WiFi Calling is the active connection. And calls placed just end.

Any ideas? Anybody seeing WiFi Calling working for a Pixel 2/Verizon/Android 10? Anybody else seeing it fail to work as expected?

This is really a problem for me; our VZW coverage at home is just shy of useless.

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Re: Pixel 2, Android 10 GA, no WiFi Calling
Contributor - Level 1

It appears my noticing this is only conicidental to the Android 10 update. My wife's Pixel 2, still on Pie, is having the exact same problem.

Starting a new thread...

Pixel 2 WiFi Calling broken
Contributor - Level 1

Both of our Google Store Pixel 2s have, sometime recently, stopped working with WiFi Calling. At first, I'd noticed it on mine after updating to Android 10 general availability yesterday. Turn out my wife has seen this for several days or weeks, is still on Pie, and still has exact same problem. Diagnostic: WiFi Calling/Advanced Calling shows fully enabled, Airplane Mode enabled, WiFi back on, confirm WiFi has Internet connectivity (browse or something), try to place call, get message "Turn off airplane mode or connect to a wireless network to make a call."

I spent 1+ hrs on the phone with VZW Support earlier today and, at the end of the call, the Lvl 1 had worked with some Lvl 2 who was diddling with something on the network side, with our phones off, and, upon powering them back up, WiFi Calling was working as expected. Whatever they did (who knows?) suddenly had my phone showing "Verizon WiFi Calling" and working as expected. Then they repeated this voodoo, whatever it was, for my wife's line and it started working too. Whatever they did only lasted a few hours and now, 6 hours later, both of our phones are right back where they started. No WiFi Calling.

Any suggestions what I do next? I really don't want to spend an hour on the phone with Support every time either of us wants to get WiFi Calling working correctly for a couple of hours.

Re: Pixel 2 WiFi Calling broken
Enthusiast - Level 1

My wife and I both have Pixel 2 XLs and are having the exact opposite problem. Our WiFi calling works better than ever (I've always had problems before with it), but neither of us can make calls via mobile, even from our microtower from Verizon.

If I sit down, remove and replace the Sim card, restart, empty the phone cache, I can make one phone call... One. Then it goes back to not making calls 

I'm going to try turning off WiFi calling and seeing if that helps 

Re: Pixel 2 WiFi Calling broken
Contributor - Level 1

Odd re. WiFi Calling working and wireless not... I think i'd prefer that.

So after the first call with VZW and then the problem returning, I had a live chat with somebody at VZW about why WiFi Calling could not be made to work as more than a one-off. The did some magic and we re-proved that it could be made to work temporarily. That agent put in a ticket to Lvl2 and implied that it was a known problem that the Lvl2 could fix.

Then I got a text saying they'd completed work on the ticket and providing a link to a video. The video basically said "sometimes there are coverage problems and, if you have coverage problems, you might find WiFi Calling to be the perfect solution." Well, no kidding, huh?

So I had another live chat with a VZW Support person yesterday, this time a Lvl2. We revisited all of it including ability to at least momentarily get it working, and the best answer seemed to be they would work with Spectrum (my ISP) to "reset my WiFi." How, exactly, they'd do that since the router is not their device, wasn't clear. But based on the possibility about "maybe it's somehow the ISP", we both went down to Starbucks in town on Saturday night. It's Google ISP and different WiFi, etc. In five tries either forcing Airplane Mode, WiFi On, or rebooting into Airplane Mode, WiFi On, I got "Verizon WiFi Calling" to connect and work once. My wife never did. The phones otherwise used the WiFi just fine to browse the web, etc, the whole time.

I called Google Pixel Support today. The Google dude told me they have no trubloeshooting scripts for WiFi Calling and that WiFi Calling is like the Facebook app pre-loaded on a Pixel: if it doesn't work, you have to call Verizon since they control all of the WiFi Calling "app" and they know how to fix it and Google has no part of the WiFi Calling code on a Pixel 2. At one point, he asked if I'd uninstalled/reinstalled the Verizon WiFi Calling "app". And more along these lines. I finally gave up on this dude. Sadly, they haven't sent a survey...

So I called VZW again. Another long revisit of all of this with with a Lvl2. No solutions at all. Problem demonstrated several different ways. Another ticket kicked to the "back end" people.

Both of these Lvl2s have been ready to get us a Network Extender. So far, I'm declining. I had the AT&T Microcell for three years. I paid for its power (power is VERY expensive here) and kept it working and so on. And it had lots of "not quite like the real network" limitations like WEA broadcasts not sent through it. The WHOLE REASON we came back to VZW after ten years on AT&T was "support" for WiFi Calling on Google Store Pixel 2s.

In the 19 months or so we've been back at VZW, WiFi Calling has worked marginally OK maybe half that time. The first six or eight months, it worked sometimes, but every day or week or so, for reasons never determined, the WiFi Calling setting in the phone would just silently revert to Off. At one point, this problem just magically went away; probably it was a Google update of some kind. Then it worked kinda OK except the phones would stay on wireless if there was even the most marginal of signals. So, many times, we had enough signal to get the phone ringing for an incoming call or using wireless for an outgoing call but not enough signal to actually talk on the received call before it dropped, or to complete the placed call before "Call Ended". Now the phones never even try to connect to WiFi Calling.

It's maddening. Our $1,350 worth of Pixel 2 phones, when used at home, are little better than tiny WiFi tablets. They certainly aren't useful as phones. Verizon can't seem to fix it or even understand it, and Google claims they have nothing to do with it. After having owned, between us, nine Nexus/Pixel phones, I'm seriously considering chucking these 19 and 20 month old Pixel 2s for iPhone 11s...

Anybody got any ideas how to get WiFi Calling on VZW on Pixel 2s to work?

Re: Pixel 2 WiFi Calling broken
Customer Service Rep

It is never good to hear you are having issues making calls, SupeBillf. Let's work together to get to the bottom of this. Are all of your apps up to date? What version is your My Verizion app currently running? Did turning Wi-Fi calling off help?