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Pixel 3 Warranty Replacement Issue

I ran into some issues with getting a defective device replaced under warranty and wondering if anyone has ever experience the same problem?

There is a problem with my 3 month old Pixel 3. We called and did all the troubleshooting, etc..etc..Problem started when the VZW support agent couldnt process the replacement order but she thought it was her computer so she said to give her 30 minutes and we would get a confirmation email. Well 30 minutes passed and I didn't get anything so I reached out again and now was being told that the system is rejecting the replacement order because they show that we have had 3 prior replacements within the span of 1 year.

This is totally incorrect and the original rep didn't even mention this fact. We only had 1 valid replacement in the last year for another line. I got this device on 12/18/18 and gave it to my wife as a present on 12/25/18. Somehow, Verizon shows the switch from our old phone to this new one as a "Replacement" from their end but not just once - their system shows them 2 records as replacement on 12/25.

So now we have to wait for a separate request to have these erroneous replacements cleared out before an order for new phone can even be submitted and in the mean time the phone is dead.

Not very happy with this obviously so just curious if other experienced this and how it was resolved and how long it took.

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Re: Pixel 3 Warranty Replacement Issue

Not the same problem but a warrenty issue: I just went into the store to get a third phone in less than three months.  I do not trust or want another Pixel 3, but I have no choice.  I was told I would have to pay off the phone, and by another brand outright.  I could then file a warranty claim on the pixel 3  and try to get some of my money back.  I did not have time to do all this as I was about to start an out of town trip, nor do I feel i should have to pay off a broken phone.  In cases like this Verizon should stand by the products they sell and provide in store credit/replacement phones to the customer.  They then deal with the the phone manufacturer for reimbursement.  verizon can afford to have a couple grand tied up for a month or two more than I can.

Re: Pixel 3 Warranty Replacement Issue

I'm going through the same issue right now. I'm so disappointed!