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Pixel 4a Dual Sim

Bought a Pixel 4a and added another line to use for business based on what the Verizon Sales Rep in the store told me.  Sales rep couldn't get the eSIM activated and referred me to tier II customer support, this was 11/2020.  Many hours and phone calls later the second line still has not been activated, one support tech finally said Verizon doesn't support eSIM on the 4a. I quit trying for a few months.  The Verizon website has changed and now lists 4a as dual SIM capable with eSIM.  Called tech support again, tier I tried to handle and wouldn't send it up to level II, level II was supposed to call back and never did, not surprised.  Verizon, please stop selling service and products you don't support, or do you? Does anyone have a straight answer if the Pixel 4a can have two Verizon lines?

If I have to carry two phones, they won't be Verizon phones.  

And no, I don't want an iPhone!

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Re: Pixel 4a Dual Sim


Took my Pixel 4a to the AT&T store tonight, within 15 min had my second Verizon line switched to AT&T using dual SIM with eSIM on my Pixel 4a, no setup fees, no hassle with tech support.  Now I have personal and business lines on one phone.  I should have switched over months ago instead of the repeat tries with Verizon.  AT&T seems to have a better grasp on setting up and using dual SIM.  This is nothing new, used dual SIM traveling overseas for years, but somewhat new to the US.  If Verizon can get it figured out for you, great, but it was a far easier process to switch to AT&T.